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VSTS Web Access per TFS2008!

Finalmente iniziano ad uscire i Power Tools per VSTS/TFS2008. Il primo è VSTS Web Access per TFS2008:

Today we are releasing the "final" TFS 2008 based release of the Web Access Power Tool.

...In addition to fixing as many bugs as we could find, this new release of Web Access includes:

New linkable web pages - It allows you to easily link to work items, work item queries, work item query results, Changesets, File/Folder history, file differences, file contents and annotated views of files.  This makes TSWA a far more powerful building block for integration with other applications.

Custom work item controls - Web Access now supports custom work item controls.

Team Build support - Web Access has been updated to support several of the new features in TFS 2008 for build automation.

Performance improvements - Every release of Web Access includes more performance improvements.

No more TSWA users group - The 2005 Power Tool required that you manage a user group of web access users for security reasons.  We've improved the server side impersonation and directory management to eliminate the need for this.  TSWA can now manage access securely just using the permission settings you already have and no longer requires a "special" restricted group.  This should make managing TSWA easier.

Documentation - It's not extensive but should be enough for you to find your way around TSWA.  You'll find it located here:

Fonte: VSTS Web Access Power Tool for Team System 2008 released!

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