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Windows 7, Hypervisor e MinWin (il Kernel di Windows ridotto a soli 25Mb)

Oggi non riesco a guardarlo, ma sembra molto, molto, molto interessante!!! Peccato dovremo aspettare ancora qualche anno.

I was reading Long’s blog (and you should too) when I read an interesting snippet about Microsoft’s distinguished engineer Eric Traut, the next version of windows after vista, and hypervisors:

…whilst the presentation is not directly about Windows 7, it does contain a demonstration of MinWin [only ~25Meg] - an internal project to build the most efficient Windows kernel which will in turn be used in Windows 7.

…The whole presentation (WMV) goes for approximately 1 hour and includes a very deep look into hypervisors. I’ve clipped out the 8-minute segment which Eric focuses on Windows 7 specifically to make it easier to watch. Because Eric goes into a lot of detail as well as background information about what is presented, and because it’s 2AM, I won’t regurgitate it. All I’ll say is that if you think Windows at its core is bloated, think again.

I’m currently watching the 8 minute, Long has snipped out, and I’m downloading the whole presentation (140Mb).   I’ll post back when I’ve finished watching the full clip.

Fonte: Windows 7 and Hypervisors

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