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Era ora che ricontrollassi la versione dell'Intellipoint che avevo installato per il Wireless Presenter Mouse 8000, un mouse fichissimo con un software un po' ballerino, visto che ogni tanto le slide iniziavano a muoversi da sole (che si stufassero di sentirmi parlare? smile_omg). Comunque, ho visto che è uscita la 6.2, ora la installo e vediamo come va... e vediamo se ora il Magnifier non si schianta più con Aero...

How many of you have hooked up a new Microsoft keyboard and/or mouse and didn't install the included IntelliPoint software because Windows automatically found the hardware?   As long as things worked when connected, I didn't miss some of the features that the IntelliPoint Software added....CUT...

Some of the features of the IntelliPoint software:

Although Windows Vista has a built-in magnifier that enlarges text and icons for easier viewing, the IntelliPoint software acts more like a real magnifying glass.  You can select the size of the magnifying window to encompass either a small section of a document, Web page, or photo.  The size is customizable by dragging the window to your preferred size.  The size you select will be remembered for future use.  You can also change the magnification level from 1.5x to 5x.

Some keyboards also have a ‘Magnifier' button that can be used alone or in conjunction with the mouse controls.

Instant Viewer

For those of you who use a mouse to navigate, this feature is similar to the keyboard shortcut ‘Alt-Tab.'   With a quick push of the mouse wheel, you can see every application that's open.  After moving the cursor to any of the windows, a quick mouse click brings the window to the front. 

Precision Booster

If you're a gamer and your mouse supports this, Precision Booster will increase or decrease the speed of the pointer for improved accuracy. You'll be able to move around the screen much faster.  A quick press and hold increases the speed until released, or just press and release the assigned button to toggle the speed up and then press and release again to resume normal speed.

The hot keys on the Microsoft keyboards and mice are fully customizable to work with the IntelliPoint software.

Flip 3D

One-touch access to Windows Flip 3D on the mouse allows users to flip through open windows in a stack, and quickly switch between applications for added productivity.

Flip 3D comes pre-programmed to the scroll wheel button on the Mobile Memory Mouse 8000 and Wireless Notebook Laser Mouse 7000.  The software allows the user to program Flip 3D to any of the mouse buttons.  I've also found that the software enables Flip 3D on my old trackball using the center button.  As I really like trackballs, this was a great surprise. 

Also available with IntelliPoint Software Version 6.2 and Supported Hardware

  • Windows Gadget Button offers quick access to customizable content such as weather information, news, traffic and maps.
  • The Quick-Launch button gives one-touch access to Windows Vista Games Explorer, allowing gamers to quickly see the games in their PC's game library.
  • Windows Live Call button lets you access one of your online Windows Messenger contacts, and start a video conversation quickly.

To get the latest updates specific to your hardware, check the Microsoft Hardware Web site or go to

If you haven't installed the IntelliPoint software that came with your Microsoft hardware, try the latest version and let us know what your favorite feature is.  

Fonte: 10 Things You May Not Know about Windows Vista - IntelliPoint Software

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