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Alcuni commenti di Brian Harry sul post di Somasegar e sulle reazioni della gente...

L'avevo già ricevuta privatamente, ma sono contento che ora sia pubblica...

Estraggo solo alcuni pezzi partendo dal disclaimer:

...This is not an official Microsoft position but just some ramblings from a random person…

Passiamo al punto che mi preoccupa meno...

Time to ship

There's been some feedback that Soma's announcement of "3-4 months to ship SP1" seemed excessive.  Shipping an SP is a big effort for us.  It might seem like it shouldn’t be, but it is.  In particular, this SP is really large.  There are a lot of bug fixes and a pretty significant sprinkling of new features...

...It’s a lot of things.  Most of them don’t take all that long but when you add it up, it takes a while.  As far as broadcasting dates, we’re generally loath to do that because things change and people get mad at us when we don’t do what we said.  As a result, when we do give dates, we tend to pad them a little bit for the unexpected.  If everything goes according to plan, then I expect the schedule will be on the short end of Soma’s range.  If something goes awry, it might not be. ..

Ecco invece quello che turba tutti!!!

Vista support

I think we are seeing some reaction to this on all fronts.  People raise the question of whether or not VS’s stance on Vista support for its various versions signals a problem with Vista compatibility.  I do not believe so.  VERY few applications are like VS.  The problems VS has running on Vista generally aren’t with “normal” application like code.  The single biggest source of issues is the area surrounding the debugger.  Not many applications are that invasive...

...Like you, we have resource constraints.  It might look like Microsoft is a huge company with infinite resources but, unfortunately, it’s not...

...For example, if we go back and make VS2002 work on Vista, we have to trade that off against not making progress on Orcas.  Ultimately, we balanced all of these trade-offs and came up with this plan.  The plan is to support our run time environments on Vista and to support VB6, VS2005, Orcas and all future versions.  Would it be good to support more?  Yes.  Is it worth the opportunity cost?  We think it isn’t...

L'ultimo punto è quello che dovrebbe interessarvi di più:

Of all the things Microsoft is and isn’t, we are very responsive to customer feedback.  We made the decision that we think is in the best interest of our customers.  If customers come back broadly and tell us they disagree, then we’ll reassess that decision.  All of our goals here are the same – making everyone as productive and successful as possible.  I don’t mean to sound patronizing here – I really believe it.

Leggete tutto alla fonte: Ramblings on VS SP1

E fatevi sotto se pensate che la decisione sia da rivedere...

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