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Tutti ad aspettare la Beta 2 di Orcas/VS2008, io aspetto la CTP8 di Rosario!!!

Non ci posso ancora credere, con molto anticipo rispetto al previsto, a breve sarà scaricabile la prima CTP di Rosario, la versione post-2008 di Team System, non vedo l'ora!!! 

Yesterday, we signed off on the release of the first CTP for our Rosario release of VSTS.  Rosario, as you may recall, is the code name for the release of VSTS that will follow the VS/VSTS 2008 (Orcas) release.  We have not (and will not soon) be announcing anticipated timelines for Rosario, so for now you'll have to be happy with getting your hands on the bits to play with

I believe this first CTP will actually be called CTP8 (that's what we call it internally).  That's because it's the CTP after the 8th iteration of development.  The next CTP will be after iteration 10 and will be in about 3 months.  The primary features in this CTP include new tools for the manual tester and work item linking and hierarchy support.  Over the next few days, I'll pull together a post with the details on what is in the CTP and lay out a more concrete roadmap for what's now finished in Orcas and what's coming in Rosario.

Continua alla Fonte: A Rosario Milestone

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# re: Tutti ad aspettare la Beta 2 di Orcas/VS2008, io aspetto la CTP8 di Rosario!!!

Aspettiamo...crossed fingers :D
26/07/2007 13:25 | Matteo Emili

# E vai di

04/08/2007 15:35 | PuntoRete
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