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Speaker Pattern

E' esattamente quello che capita a me (e a tanti altri di UGI smile_wink)... 

I would like to say that people often ask me for advice on how to prepare to deliver a presentation. The truth is, however, that no one has ever asked me, and there may just be a reason for that. Nevertheless, here is Paul’s Painless Process for Preparing a Presentation (TM):

  1. One month away: Blog about it, generate as much hype as possible, invite everyone I know to the talk.
  2. Three weeks away: Promise myself to start preparing soon.
  3. Two weeks away: Promise myself that I’ll get to it this weekend, as it’s the last weekend I will have before the presentation.
  4. Weekend before the presentation: Convince myself that the talk is still days away, and I can prepare it on weeknights.
  5. Two days before the presentation: Convince myself that it can wait until tomorrow night.
  6. Night before the presentation: Stay up until at least 3AM the next morning preparing. Promise myself to start preparing sooner next time!

Someday I’ll learn my lesson :)

Fonte: Paul’s Painless Process for Preparing a Presentation

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# re: Speaker Pattern

Io lo sto risolvendo facendo pochissime slide... :-D
04/07/2007 13:00 | Lorenzo Barbieri

# re: Speaker Pattern

ho "implementato" anche io questo pattern...
04/07/2007 13:51 | Adrian Florea

# re: Speaker Pattern

04/07/2007 13:55 | Adrian Florea
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