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Per chi come me si trova spesso a fare il restore dei DB di TFS...

L'amico Grant ha preparato uno script che fa automaticamente il restore di tutti di DB di TFS...

Often I find myself restoring the 11 or so TFS databases. Usually I’m doing it for one of four things:

  1. Restoring in a VPC for development / testing
  2. Restoring to a second “development” server so that people can try things before they do them in production
  3. A disaster recovery rebuild (or exercise), or
  4. Moving the Data Tier to another server as part of an upgrade

If you find yourself in any of these situations, these docs are the most useful:

Usually I have a directory full of *.bak SQL Backup files and in the past I’ve either gone through the ‘Restore database’ wizard, or hand-written the SQL restore script. This week I invested the time to build a batch script that makes it a whole lot easier and repeatable.


You can use it in two ways:

  • Pipe the output to a SQL file and load it in SQL Server Management Studio. e.g. RestoreDBs.cmd …. > restorescript.sql
  • Uncomment the line that starts with “isql” and run it directly from the command line.

Copy & paste from above, or download the script here: RestoreTFSDBs.cmd

Fonte: Restoring TFS Databases Script

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