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Ecco un commento interessante, che mi era sfuggito...

Robin Wilton di Sun ha lasciato un commento interessante sulla figura di architetto qui.

Ve lo riporto perchè mi è piaciuto molto:

Well, it worried me too for a while, as someone who has "Corporate Architect" written on my business cards!
If I had to defend the use of the title 'Architect', I think I would argue that it's the most succinct way of describing the similarities between my role in the IT world and the role of a traditional architect in the construction world.
Like a traditional architect, I have to be aware of the relevant standards (building codes) and product specifications... but like an architect, I have more technical colleagues who are responsible for creating specifications and developing compliant products. I am not.
Like a traditional architect, I have to look forward and define principles which meet the future needs of customers and users... but like an architect, I have other colleagues who are specialists in managing the projects to deliver real, working solutions. I am not.
So I would say the analogy is a pretty good one. I certainly feel more like an architect than an accountant or lawyer ;^)

Soprattutto l'ultima frase!!!

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