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Messenger Plus! 3.52.130... rilasciato ieri...

Perchè cavolo non mi ha avvisato automaticamente???

e vabbò... lo trovate qui.

Installatelo perchè come detto su

An important bug was found after the release of Messenger Plus! 3.51 which forced Patchou to release version 3.52 today.

Everyone is encouraged to install this latest update as it fixes some important stability issues with MSN Messenger 7. To make up for my own mistakes, I took the opportunity to fix some other stuff and optimize the way Messenger Plus! works with the Messenger 7 contact list: you can now all enjoy a nice boost of rapidity in Messenger.

BTW: If you're bored, Patchou tells you to go check the Preferences of Messenger Plus! to have something to play with...

Print | posted on giovedì 14 aprile 2005 19:17 |

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