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Team Foundation Server Beta 3 refresh released

Io non lo vedo ancora... speriamo che sia disponibile anche per i Certified Partner... non vorrei non poterla testare...

Beta 3 of TFS has now been released and should be available on MSDN today (or very soon .  The differences between beta 3 and beta 3 refresh are small for most things.  Jeff Beehler wrote about some of the beta 3 refresh differences two weeks ago.  The most important reason for the beta 3 refresh is that it is built against and uses all of the final release versions of Visual Studio 2005, .NET 2.0, and SQL Server 2005.  Beyond that, many of the fixes in it were to enhance the setup experience and to address a few localization issues.  So, if you are wondering whether some particular bug is fixed, the answer is most likely to be no, with the exception of some issues that Jeff mentioned.

If you have beta 3 installed, you'll want to read the following guide to succesfully upgrade without losing your existing data.

Migrating to Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server Beta 3 Refresh

Fonte: Beta 3 refresh released

Print | posted on sabato 29 ottobre 2005 01:12 |



# re: Team Foundation Server Beta 3 refresh released

I don't know how to upgrade from beta2 to beta3...
Remember that the next week (7th, Feb) TFS RC will be available
05/02/2006 14:39 | Lorenzo Barbieri
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