Microsoft "knows how to ship software"?/2

Ehm..a quanto pare qualcuno si è un po' innervosito a proposito delle affermazioni fatte da un ex-MS, adesso dipendente di Google, già citato da Marco. Che il blog si potesse trasformare facilmente in un campo di "flame", era una cosa purtroppo nota...

[...] when MS fixes a minor bug or makes something faster or better, it doesn't sit on the shelf for 2 years before getting shipped out on a CD. In fact, my little windows update icon flashes at least once a week telling me that MS would like "ship" updates and fixes to me right now. But hey, maybe you don't have an internet connection over at Google. Maybe you've never seen that icon. Or maybe you are just suffering from Google Dumbass Syndrome and you've forgotten everything that has happened since Windows 3.1.

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