Dopo Linq, DLinq (Data), XLinq (XML) adesso c'e' anche BLinq.

Blinq e un estensione di Linq per creare siti ASP.NET completi di tutte le necessarie funzioni per interfacciarsi ad un database usando la sitassi di Linq. BLinq crea un Data Access Layer in C# o VB.NET a partire da un database esistente.

"Blinq is a tool for generating ASP.NET websites for displaying, creating, and manipulating data based on database schema. Just point Blinq at a SQL database and it will create a website with pages that display sorted and paged data, allow you to update or delete records, create new records, and follow relationships between tables in your database. You don't need to write SQL queries to use Blinq; LINQ will generate optimized queries for you that request just the data you want to show. Blinq uses the May LINQ Community Tech Preview to access data."

Queste le features:

The Blinq tool autogenerates web forms from database schema which enable the following by default:

  • Select, insert, update, and delete functionality
  • Details and foreign key navigation
  • Sorting and Pagination of records
  • A default style and design which provide a consistent layout

Si puo scaricare da qui (e' necessaria la CTP di Maggio di Linq):

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