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E' adesso possibile aprire un blog su WindowsClient.NET, comunita' online di Microsoft dedicata a tecnologie Windows Client (Windows Form, WPF, etc.), similmente a come si poteva fare prima su Asp.Net. Fonte: Have your own blog on blogs.windowsclient.net Technorati Tags: Windows Form, WPF, Client, Blog

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IronRuby pre-alpha is out

Technorati Tags: Iron Ruby, WPF Prima pre-release di IronRuby disponibile per il download qui Il post di John Lam sulla release Il post di Scott con un bel esempio d'uso con WPF Fonte: Sam

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Microsoft Code Name "Acropolis"

Technorati Tags: Acropolis, Microsoft, CTP, Framework, Windows Form, WPF Davvero molto interessante... "Microsoft Code Name “Acropolis” is a set of components and tools intended to make it easier for developers to build and manage modular, business focused, client applications for Microsoft Windows on the .NET Framework" E ancora: "Acropolis uses a composite application framework to address complex, changing business requirements. Composite applications integrate functionality as components that you can easily reconfigure or replace. For example, a composite application might display data from a remote database, but let you choose between a WPF and a Windows Forms user...

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