Un interessante intervista su Dr. Dobb's a Richard Hundhausen, MVP di Visual Studio Team System, dove parla di DSL, Dynamic System Initiative, System Definition Models e Source Control.

Molto interessante questa parte alla fine:

"...I've actually gone in and delivered training on Team System to companies that don't produce software. Seriously, all they do is crank out work orders, jobs, and job steps. They just want the portal aspect; they want the Team Project aspect. What they really like is that they can customize the methodology templates. You can take something like the MSF 4.0 Agile template, copy and paste, and customize it. You can put your logos in the corner of the guidance pages. You can put in your step-by-step definitions of a task. You can put your reports in. You can put your document templates in. You can create your own work item types, so instead of a bug and a task, you have a work order and a job. You compile that and upload it and, boom, you have your own custom process..."

Cioe' Team System usato anche da societa' che non producono software, solo come tool di project management, con MSF customizzata per il proprio uso.

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