Transparency in practice


Key points imho are
  • share information instead of retain information as a way to exercise strict control
  • setting goals instead of assigning tasks
  • let people take responsibilities instead of giving orders
  • monitor outcomes instead of controlling tasks/activities execution

From the article On the Way to Agile Transparency: Climbing the Big Wall  :

Transparency is a major dynamic associated with agile development. ...  When broken down, this concept consists of management components such as individual responsibility, commitment, and accountability.

“Organizational responsiveness comes from giving individuals and groups the freedom to behave in ad hoc ways to respond to unforeseen circumstances."

"...For this reason, organizational roles are defined in terms of accountability for commitments to particular outcomes, rather than in terms of activities.”

"The Responsible Worker is not only a worker who is accountable for specific results but also who has authority to do whatever is necessary to produce these results and who, finally, is committed to these results as a personal achievement.”

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