Think you all have seen //Build conference keynote so you know what I’m talking about, here are some thinking on my mind after a day where #bldwin hash nearly crashed twitter (can’t barely seen tweets flowing on TweetDeck…)

  • As you (I assume) I’m in love with Windows 8, just prepared my machines to install the ready-to-come stuff that will take us (even more) busy for the next months :-)
  • HTML5/JS/CSS as expected is the newcomer  into client app development party, this will allow web dev to become windows devs (after they learned Microsoft stuff and tools of course)
  • Silverlight is alive and kicking as being part of WinRT, no more plug-in needed! this will probably put Silverlight 5 release in a corner, but let’s not forget that there are lots of Windows machines not running Win8 out there where Silverlight solution can perfectly fit.
  • WPF is… well, I' want to be optimistic, dead? apart Kinect is se no more reason to invest on it (considering Silverlight 5 new capabilities)
  • Those who believed in Metro have now their investment back.
  • UX is the word, wondering how many “drag&drop some grids, a bunch of buttons and a toolbar applications” will sell on Win8 marketplace.
  • Companies who invested money and energy in UX experience are now more happier than those who “reuse and recycle” was the only RD philosophy.
  • From what I saw the Win8 HTML5 apps won’t be very portable to other OS’es due to JS code very tied to the OS and some Microsoft specific css tags (opinion based of what I saw, I might be wrong on this)
  • Silverlight vs HTML5 battle: Think it depends on matter of competency and capabilities, no idea of what can/can’t be done on any technology, if they’re 100% similar maybe HTML5 has more points but, given missing portability to other OS, you as .NET developer would you exchange C# with Javascript? I love when I can choose…
  • I’ve seen (finally) a real ecosystem growing (expect XBOX and TV mentioned indeed…) the Phone vs Live vs Win8 is becoming a reality, this might be another point to consider when choosing a developing strategy.
  • Being Win8 more a “consumer” product, wondering how “business world” will react to it, would your company IT dept allow installation of Window8 in your locked down company machine and log in flicking fingers instead of company super-secure password? my feelings is that Microsoft realized that they can make more money from consumer than business companies sticking with their machines for years, but that’s just a another personal feeling.

I’m pretty excited about the new stuff, love the new tools  and really excited from what’s going on in California, all I need now is one of those beautiful toys attendees got today, anyone has a spare one? :-) (I promise I will pay for it)

That’s all for now, back to #bldwin stream…

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