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AOP NET la parola a Don Box....

Riprendo il post di Lorenzo riguardo l'AOP e Net fornendo uno stralcio dell'intervista a Don Box (per la quanle nn finirò mai di ringraziare il nostro caro presidente :) che esprime il suo parere proprio sull'AOP e sulle tecniche di interception.

Personally, I think there are a lot of interesting programming paradigms out there, and I think that the industry has beaten the "attributes+interception" style of AOP to death.  Personally, I've been much more inspired by the ideas that sprang from functional programming and think that Whidbey brings several of those ideas to the masses. Specifically, C#'s anonymous methods (closures) and iterators are far more interesting than yet another way to inject logging code.

 BTW, the definitive method for injecting interceptors is the profiling API, which lets you catch every method invocation, not just those that cross a boundary. That stated, the API is so low level that statistically no one is qualified to program with it. In contrast, the C# features borrowed from functional programming are pretty darned accessible to a wide audience.

Il futuro dell'AOP nn sembra molto roseo...:) Prometto di scrivere al più presto un articolo sull'intervista  con il testo integrale e qualche commento e considerazione... Parola di lupetto:D

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