Nuova versione anche per il Plugin Registration Tool, che rappresenta una dei strumenti indispensabili per sviluppare con il Dynamics CRM 4.0.

La release note riporta queste modifiche:

  • Support for Scripting for Import /Export operation in the tool

PluginDeveloper tool shipped in the SDK has the console application support for scripting but i have got many requests to add support for scripting in the PlguinRegistration tool so that they could use it for deployment purposes.
PluginRegistration Tool assumes that you have secure trust established to the CRM server so it doesn't ask for the credentials. If you do want to run the tool across domains, then you can save the credentials of the CRM server in the Windows->Stored User Names repository and run the application.
Usage as follows:
/c:<connectionFileName> /cl:<connectionLabel> /org:<organizationName> /op:<operation> /f:<importExportFilename> /n:<ignoreGuids>
Parameter information:
<connectionFileName> name of the connections file, default: Connections.config
<connectionLabel>* name of the connection label in the connections config file, Example: newconnection
<organizationName> name of the working organization, Required in a multi-org deployment, defaults to the single org in a single org deployment
<operation>* name of the operation, valid entries: import, export
<operationFilename>* name of file you want to export or import, Example: import.xml
<ignoreGuids> boolean value (true or false), ignore guids if you are re-importing a group of plugins/workflows
* denotes requried attributes
All the assemblies need to be imported should be in the same folder as the executing exe and so the export.xml file
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  • Fixed the OutofMemoryException problem when trying to registering a step on an Imported Organization.
  • Fixed the bug in Image registration wizard (Minimum value cannot be greater than maximum value)
  • Fixed the bug when updating the Impersonation on Step from specified user to "Current User"


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