nel forum si è aperto un thread relativo ai dei problemi con il CRM Asynchronous Process.

forse  in questo articolo ci sono alcune soluzioni interessanti

the dreaded “The Microsoft CRM Asynchronous Processing Service service terminated unexpectedly”  service crashes.

del PowerObjects team

qui il link diretto


Riporto le tre azioni:

Action A.  Set the MSCRMAsyncService to run as ‘local system’ instead of ‘network service’ account.

Action B.  The MSCRMAsyncService is processing a workflow and for some reason it is crashing. Stop all workflows with status ‘in progress’ or ‘waiting for resource’.

Action C. KB article "The Async service stops unexpectedly or you cannot start the Async service after you import an organization from another Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 deployment"