Leggendo in giro mi trovo su questo sito http://www.doxpara.com/ questa notizia sconvolgente


So there’s a bug in DNS, the name-to-address mapping system at the core of most Internet services. DNS goes bad, every website goes bad, and every email goes…somewhere. Not where it was supposed to. You may have heard about this — the Wall Street Journal, the BBC, and some particularly important people are reporting on what’s been going on. Specifically:

1) It’s a bug in many platforms

2) It’s the exact same bug in many platforms (design bugs, they are a pain)

3) After an enormous and secret effort, we’ve got fixes for all major platforms, all out on the same day.

4) This has not happened before. Everything is genuinely under control.

Potete andare sul sito stesso per verificare se anche il vostro DNS e' affetto dalla vulnerabilita' sopra citata.