Questa volta vi voglio raccontare di un fatto successomi con il sito al quale mi ero rivolto per far fare un lavoro ad una persona fuori dall'Italia.

Visto che ho interesse che questo post venga letto da più persone possibili, questa volta lo scriverò in inglese, sperando che serva a qualcuno per non cadere nella stessa trappola.


Sometimes our days are too much filled in. Too many works, duties, appointments. To let us complete all the tasks we need, sometimes is needed to look for an external resource, and so do I.

I registered myself on, proposed the job, choose the provider, assigned the job, and get the work.

The works was fine, so as normally you have to pay for it. And since there is an import outside the credit card limit, I decided to sent to GetAFreelancer a wire transfer to credit it on my account.

When money arrived, it was missing extra 31$ that I never knew for what was. I got in touch with Innovate IT - that is the company who manage the service - and asked for some details.

In few words, the guilty was my bank that seems to have "stolen" the money. The amazing thing was that the bank added - to the total amount to be credited  - the extra commission outside the import sent as the receipt I had prove.

I then contacted their bank, SwedBank, and after spending dozen on minutes and getting an e-mail from a clerk, finally their bank continue to said me that the operation to be done, requires the money to be converted twice, and bla bla bla.

I could agree to this, but why on the GetAFreelancer web site this is not claimed? It's just written that they get 15$ of extra commission to do something not well specified. So I though about the commission of the bank on their side. Instead no.

That was extra 15$ to approve my credit ... son on the final things, for a simple work I paid 80$ of commission. This is a shame and since the guys of Innovate IT doesn't seem to store back me the 31$ extra, I blog this to help someone else to doesn't enter in the spider's cloth.