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Un bel post sul “CIO che non vorremmo”, applicabile anche a molti “middle-manager”

Purtroppo conosco persone che hanno quasi tutti questi difetti… e non sono neanche CIO.

"My CIO is clueless." These are words you don't want to hear if you want to earn the respect of your application development professionals. So how do you avoid being a clueless CIO? Steer clear of these behaviors:

1. The CIO is a control nut.

2. The CIO is aloof.

3. The CIO gulps vendor Kool-Aid.

4. The CIO is a technical dinosaur.

5. The CIO is ubergeeky.

6. The CIO thinks changes can happen overnight.

7. The CIO doesn't know the difference between resources and talent.

8. The CIO collaborates to death.

9. The CIO spends all of his time trying to get promoted to CEO.

Leggete tutto il post con le spiegazioni alla fonte: 9 Reasons Why Application Developers Think Their CIO Is Clueless

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# Re: Un bel post sul “CIO che non vorremmo”, applicabile anche a molti “middle-manager”

<quot>The CIO is a technical dinosaur</quot>
03/07/2008 14:37 | Igor Damiani
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