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Un post interessante su alcuni tool “sostituiti” dal passaggio a VSTS2008

8 su dieci sono disponibili nella Team Suite (3 nella Database, 3 nella Developer, 2 nella Tester) e 2 nella Pro… un bel colpo smile_omg

I have started using Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) 2008, recently. Previously I worked with Visual Studio 2005. As a matter of fact I had to use lots of external tools to perform and speedup my development process. However, while working with VSTS 2008, it's very exciting for me that, I found replacements for most of the external tools there.

Here are 10 tools which I left after using VSTS 2008:

1. Database Schema Compare - External tool: Redgate SQL Compare - VSTS 2008 tool: Menu -> Data -> Schema Compare

2. Database Data Compare - External tool: Redgate SQL Data Compare - VSTS 2008 tool: Menu -> Data -> Data Compare

3. Database Data Generator - External tool: Data Gen 0.9 - VSTS 2008 tool (power tool): Add -> New Item -> Data Generation Wizard

4. Unit Testing - External tool: Test Driven.NET - VSTS 2008 tool: Menu -> Test -> New Test

5. Web Testing - External tool: Badboy - VSTS 2008 tool: Menu -> Test -> New Test

6. Load Testing - External tool: Neoload - VSTS 2008 tool: Menu -> Test -> New Test

7. Code Profiling - External tool: Redgate ANTS Profiler - VSTS 2008 tool: Menu -> Analyze -> Launch Performance Wizard

8. Code Analysis - External tool: Fxcop - VSTS 2008 tool: Menu -> Analyze -> Run Code Analysis

9. Code Matrics - External tool: nDepend - VSTS 2008 tool: Menu -> Analyze -> Calculate Code Matrics

10. Java Script Debugging - External tool: Code Project Java Script Debugging Tool - VSTS 2008 tool: see Scott Gu's post on it.

Non tutti saranno d’accordo con le scelte (non mie) e non ho intenzione di aprire flame o altro… solo di segnalare la lista

Fonte: 10 Tools Which I Left After Using VSTS 2008

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