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State lontanti da WGA per qualche tempo

Altrimenti correte il rischio di vedere le vostre installazioni originali marcate come contraffatte.

Nel caso di problemi... c'è il workaround, ma è meglio evitare per ora...

Microsoft Windows Genuine Advantage servers all failed sometime earlier today.

It is highly recommended to avoid WGA if at all possible for the moment.
Update: Phil Liu, WGA Project Manager, says that he won't sleep until the problem is fixed. (via Ars Technica)
Update 2: As noted by Phil Liu:

    Please go to and click VALIDATE WINDOWS to resolve this issue immediately.
    Additionally, I know you all are looking for an explanation/root-cause. I will get that ASAP. We are aware it is a server-side issue - the cause is unknown at this current time.

Fonte: Microsoft WGA servers down; Windows XP and Vista installs being marked as counterfeit (Updated)

Print | posted on domenica 26 agosto 2007 03:09 |



# Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) - sembra che il problema sia risolto...

Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) - sembra che il problema sia risolto...
28/08/2007 11:21 | Normal people bores me!
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