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Qualche approfondimento su certificazioni, NDA, braindump, etc...

Lo trovate qui.

Un estratto:

  • Individuals who "cheat" can be decertified and disallowed from ever taking cert exams. Even with the massive amount of due diligence that is involved in investigating and verifying egregious offenses, 89 individuals have been decertified this year.
  • We get about 4 e-mails a day from people around the world, reporting shady cert dealings and possible cheaters
  • report any NDA violations to and check out CertGuard for more info on how to avoid braindumps and protect the value of certification.

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# re: Qualche approfondimento su certificazioni, NDA, braindump, etc...

Concordo pienamente!!
26/05/2007 22:09 | Raffaeu
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