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Non-Native UI Sucks

Non avrei saputo descrivere meglio il mio ODIO per le GUI "non native", vedi Java, etc... 

It's common knowledge that Mac users prefer Safari to Firefox. It is the browser bundled with the OS-- and we know how that generally works out. But it's not just a monopoly play; there are legitimate reasons for Mac users to choose Safari


When two applications with rough feature parity compete, the application with the native UI will win. Every time. If you truly want to win the hearts and minds of your users, you go to the metal and take full advantage of the native UI.

Java has struggled with this problem for years, producing results spanning the continuum between "terrible" and "awful", depending on who you ask. Most Java developers have given up completely on GUI applications:


But when it comes to day-to-day browsing, I'll always pick native speed and native look and feel over the ability to install a dozen user extensions, or the ability to run on umpteen different platforms. Every single time.

If that makes me shallow, then I'm in good company. Non-native UI sucks.

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# re: Non-Native UI Sucks

L'ho letto pure io e quoto il tutto, e infatti a chi mi chiede perchè in java è meglio usare SWT al posto di quella porcheria di SWING, la UI nativa è il prim motivo che mi viene in mente...
10/02/2007 18:40 | Diego Guidi
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