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VSSConverter GUI

Ecco un altro progetto carino che non costava nulla fare... ma che nessuno aveva ancora fatto...

Speriamo che ora renda disponibile il sorgente... per giocarci un po':

I got e-mail from Eyal Post of EPocalipse Software today that he has built a GUI front-end for the VSSConverter tool, which is the command-line utility that helps you migrate source from Visual SourceSafe to Team Foundation Version Control. Thanks, Eyal!

If you’re going to migrate your SourceSafe repository to Team System, you’ll eventually meet VSSConverter. VSSConverter is a command line utility that uses xml configuration files to transfer SourceSafe projects to TFS.

If you don’t like command line utilities then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve written a GUI frontend to VSSConverter that is called..well.. VSSConverterGui.

Fonte: VSSConverter GUI

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