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Code Partitioning - The next big thing in protecting .NET code?

Mi piacerebbe sapere cosa ne pensa il mio amico Marcello ... ma lui non ha un blog...

The guys at SecuredDimentions have something new up their sleeve. If you don't know them, it's because they are relatively new on the market. What they've designed is what seems to be a very good way to prevent code-theft, i.e. someone decompiling your .NET applications, without the need to use code obfuscators. They are actually offering this as part of a suite of licensing service, all underlined with their technology to protect .NET code.
Technically, it's a bit hard to explain, but they are able to do something called "code partitioning" on selected parts of the code base and "decrypt" them on demand, using their own virtual runtime which sits on top of the CLR. This also allows them to detect whenever "important" code was reached and do anything about it (like a popup dialog for example).

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