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C# and VBA: Like Oil and Water

Uno dei motivi per usare VB.NET per parlare con Office:

It's not that it's difficult to convert code from Visual Basic .NET to C#, or to simply create code that automates Word or Excel in C#. What caused me pain in this particular project was that when you attempt to communicate with objects designed to be consumed by VBA clients, you're living in a world that didn't take C# and its design goals into account when it was being created. One thing is for sure: because of its VBA lineage, it's a lot easier accomplishing Office automation from Visual Basic .NET than it is from C#. I can't dig into the details here, so I'll just point out a few delectable tidbits, with links to more info later on.

Fonte: { End Bracket }: C# and VBA: Like Oil and Water -- MSDN Magazine, February 2005


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# re: C# and VBA: Like Oil and Water

Sono d'accordo .... una dei principali motivi per cui io uso VB.NET per dialogare con office invece del C# è l'impossibilità di utilizzare i parametri opzionali; in C# per ogni metodo debbo definirmi un'infinità di parametri che poi non utilizzerò
19/01/2005 00:00 | Daniele Proietti
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