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Blog: An App A Day

Un bel e promettente blog con una ventina di semplici ma illuminanti applicazioni (con il sorgente in c#): si vede che  Dana Hanna si sta divertendo! Sentite che dice:

So, look at RAD in C#! I can develop this many applications (20 now) in an average 4 hours per night, 80 hours total.
For those who don't know it, RAD stands for Rapid Application Development. It's where you buckle up, go into tunnel vision, and just write code. While you don't worry too much about clean code, and scalability - if you know what you're doing these things come naturally.
In 80 hours, I've written 20 applications - at least 10 of which could be made into commercial apps in just a couple more hours of polish. So why don't we see large organizations doing this? Is it just the brainwashing of large consulting companies who want to convince you that a team of 50 programmers (40 in India) is necessary? Who knows....
Bottom line - we the programmers of the world today can write massive amounts of functionality very quickly if given the freedom to innovate. With tools like google and krugle, we have everything we need. Use cases? Yeah, I got your use cases.

Blog: An App A Day

Apps: An App A Day - Downloads

Vi segnalo l'applicazione "Day 10 - Jedi Concentrate".


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