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SAP converts to Visual Studio 2005

Vijay works in the VSIP program that works with companies to help them convert to our latest technologies. Recently he, and the team he works with, was on campus (all the way from Israel) to port SAP (famous software!) to Visual Studio 2005. You get to see inside building 25, where we work with partners, as well as meet the team working together. You'll also get to hear uncensored views from SAP's engineers on what they think of Visual Studio 2005.

[Channel 9]

Queste notizie aprono scenari ( e sbocchi professionali inattesi..



# re: SAP converts to Visual Studio 2005

Gravatar Interessante, entro la metà del 2006 dovrebbe partire uno studio di fattibilità per una forte integrazione di due progetti, uno .Net appunto e l'altro SAP. 17/03/2006 11:01 | Tommaso Caldarola

# re: SAP converts to Visual Studio 2005

Gravatar Appcake
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03/08/2018 12:15 | Chadya

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