imageJust got back from Berlin where I attended TechEd 2010, a great occasion to meet friends I virtually meet everyday via msn/twitter/mail and Facebook.
During my stay I’ve had the pleasure to receive a singed copy of Laurent Bugnion’s masterpiece Silverlight 4.0 Unleashed  (man, it’s so heavy!)

As a reviewer of some chapters I must say that this is definitely the book you should have if you’re doing serious Silverlight development (even if you’re not indeed) Laurent is a well know professional and his experience spread across the whole book.
If you’re looking for some guidance from someone who use the technology everyday, here’s the book for you.

Thanks Laurent!





imageJust after entering home I’ve found another unexpected book, this time on a completely different argument: Visual Basic 2010.

My longtime followers know my Visual Basic roots and I must admit that many years passed after my last (serious) VB programming so this might be a good catch to the latest news about VB.
The book targets Italian audience (its in Italian) and not only covers the Visual Basic language but many other aspects (e.g Entity framework, Security, WPF and many others)
This book comes from my friends, well known authors and MVPs (Daniele Bochicchio, Cristian Civera, Marco de Sanctis, Riccardo Golia, Alessio Leoncini, Marco Leoncini and Stefano Mostarda)

One day you’ll explain me where you find the time to be so prolific authors…

Thank you!