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Monday, December 01, 2003

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New Content

The Business of Software: Finance for Geeks
Printed pages 8

Columns w/Code Sample
.NET: XML Web Services
Extreme XML: EXSLT Meets XPath
Printed pages 12

Technical Articles
Productivity: Office 2003
Using the Microsoft Office Live Communications Server API
Printed pages 26

Call Custom Microsoft VBA Code From a Managed COM Add-in in the Microsoft Office System
Printed pages 9

Windows: Windows XP
Using the RTC Client API
Printed pages 45

Windows: Windows Embedded
Windows Media Overview and Optimization for Windows CE .NET 4.2
Printed pages 17

.NET: Windows Server System
Creating Multilingual Web Sites with Microsoft Content Management Server 2002
Printed pages 1

.NET: Visual Basic .NET
Exploring the Visual Basic .NET Resource Kit
Printed pages 9

Life Without On Error Goto Statements
Printed pages 8

Technical Articles w/Code Sample
Adding Cross-Site Scripting Protection to ASP.NET 1.0
Printed pages 12

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