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ObjectSpaces e WinFS

Sarà pubblico in queste ore, ma visto che sto partendo per la Corsica :-) vi segnalo il fatto: ObjectsSpaces non sarà disponibile in Whidbey, la decisone è stata quella di fonderlo in WinFS, quindi arriverà con LongHorn. Microsoft is merging the development efforts behind a feature "ObjectSpaces" into related work on the Windows "Longhorn" object data system code-named "WinFS". • This decision reduces the confusion that the overlapping feature sets of ObjectSpaces and WinFS would cause. Both technologies aim to reduce the barrier between application data and application objects. This decision allows developers to focus on one set of APIs for that functionality.

Top Ten DBA task

Questo elenco nasce da un giro di email sui ns canali interni. Alla fine i suggerimenti non sono 10, ma è un elenco troppo interessante per non essere pubblicato. In ordine sparso.... Create a framework for change controlUnderstand the SQL/Windows security modelSet up backupsGet a performance baselineSecure the server (starting with the SA password)Read BOL, get some reference books, join some list servers or newsgroupsDon't panic when you see SQL's memory usage increasing - 321363 INF: SQL Server Memory UsageUnderstand the needs of the business/users/programmersSet up other maintenance such as upd stats, defrag, etc. Disaster Recovery: 325257 Support WebCast: SQL Server 2000 Database...

Chi ha detto che il formato dei messaggi SOAP debba essere coerente con il modello di programmazione

O in altre parole, se questo è il problema: We have a big problem concerning the use of Web Services (J2EE platform) written with the RPC/literal mode.  Inside the document “Building Interoperable Web Services – WS-I Basic Profile 1.0”, I read:“The Basic Profile allows WSDL descriptions to have RPC-Literal bindings. However, the Add Web Reference wizard in Visual Studio.NET does not support WSDL descriptions with RPC-Literal bindings. ……Alternatively, you can edit the WSDL description to convert it to a Document-Literal binding….”It seams that the only way to use that such web services is to write manually the proxy. (That is what we...