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La risposta di Joe Duffy

Bella sorpresa trovare oggi nella casella postale una gentilissima risposta da parte di Joe Duffy, Program Manager del team del CLR, a due mail che gli avevo inviato l'agosto scorso (vedi il post "I delegate sono struct???"):

"Adrian, first I want to apologize that this mail was not responded to sooner. I found it in my “junk mail” folder for some reason.

Next, better late than never I suppose! Thank you very much for pointing both of these errors out, and also for the kind words about the book.

You are of course right in both cases. I honestly couldn’t believe I wrote those statements when I first saw your email, but sure enough I did. I have submitted them to my publisher, so they should be fixed in the next reprint.

Take care,

Vi dico solo che il suo libro, insieme a quelli di Richter, Box, Robinson e Löwy, sono (tutti!) dei must-have per quelli che hanno la necessita' di capire a fondo .NET

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