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gennaio 2009 Blog Posts

Sul cast del foreach

Nel suo post di ieri, "foreach l'insidioso", Luca si e' chiesto come mai il seguente snippet: using System.Collections.Generic; interface IPersistent { } class Invoice : IPersistent { } class Order : IPersistent { } class Program {     static void Main() {         List<IPersistent> changedDocuments = new List<IPersistent>();         changedDocuments.Add(new Invoice());         changedDocuments.Add(new Order());         foreach (Invoice changedInvoice in changedDocuments) { }     } } compili. Secondo me, il comportamento del compilatore e' giusto, voluto e documentato. Le specifiche del linguaggio (15.8.4, ECMA-334), dicono: "A foreach statement of the form foreach(V v in x) embedded-statement is then expanded to: {     E e = ((C)(x)).GetEnumerator();     try {         V v;         while (e.MoveNext()) {             v = (V)(T)e.Current;             embedded-statement         }     }     finally {         … // Dispose e     } } The variable e is not visible to or accessible to the...

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