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La risposta di Paul Vick: VB.NET and C# differ in their overload resolution rules

Grazie a Corrado, ieri ho ricevuto questo commento da Paul Vick al post "Overloading non-generic virtual methods in generic classes (C# vs VB.NET)":

"Corrado Cavalli pointed me to your question -- the answer is that VB and C# differ in their overload resolution rules. C# only looks at one level in the hierarchy at a time, while VB looks at all the members in the inheritance chain at the same time. So C# only sees Bar::DoSomething(T), while VB sees Bar::DoSomething(T) and Bar::DoSomething(Object). We prefer less generic methods over more generic methods, so you get the Object overload"

Thank you Paul!

Print | posted on venerdì 27 ottobre 2006 11:12 | Filed Under [ Carillon .NET ]

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