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Introduction to MSIL (Kenny Kerr)

Un'eccellente introduzione a MSIL scritta da Kenny Kerr in una serie di post. Per stimolarvi l'appetito, qualche spunto:

  • "Unlike C#, CLI does not have any requirement that a method must belong to a class."
  • "It is also possible to omit the variable names. In that case you would refer to the variables by their zero-based index in the declaration."
  • "You must declare a constructor for a concrete reference type. Unlike languages like C# and C++, the IL assembler will not generate a constructor for you automatically."
  • "The CLI does not recognize namespaces as a distinct concept. Rather the full type name is always used."
  • "If no base type is specified, the IL assembler will add the extend clause to make the type inherit from the System.Object type from the mscorlib assembly, resulting in a reference type."
  • "The .class directive is perhaps not the best name for it."
  • "The runtime is not looking at the type of the local variable you declared but rather the type of the object being referenced."

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