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static constructor of struct (Nicu G. Fruja)

Se ci fosse stato class al post di struct, questo snippet:

using System;

struct P
  static P()
    Console.WriteLine("Initializing P");

class Test
  static void Main()
    P p = new P();

avrebbe stampato a console "Initializing P". Così invece, non stampa nulla! Dobbiamo quindi fare attenzione alla parola class in questo frammento di C# Language Specification (17.11):

"The execution of a static constructor is triggered by the first of the following events to occur within an application domain:

  • An instance of the class is created.
  • Any of the static members of the class are referenced."

"The creation of the struct instance p using the parameterless default instance constructor P() does not trigger the execution of the static constructor of P", aggiunge Nicu Fruja.

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