Ruby Koans and Ruby idioms

At the have found funny ways to start learning Ruby with examples and small code exercises, a very practical approach.

Ruby in Twenty Minutes has been an enjoyable start, also Hackety Hack! that remember me ProfStef from Smalltalk land.

Then I was ready to start with The Ruby Koans, a way to look a little deeper in to the language driven by unit tests, great and funny !!!

After that I investigated more Ruby idioms, &, some of them related to more advanced or esoteric language features, that you would live perfectly without the 99.99% of the times and that can make the code hard to read and understand.
Still I feel the need to explore the boundaries of the territory to get more comfortable with a language and than stick with the easy to read features.

Update 18 August 2012
More Ruby idioms:

Update 4 October 2012
Ruby conventions:

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