Why Complicate Software Projects ?

Why COMPLICATE Software Projects ?

Want an estimation? .... Ask the best possible guess to the same team that will develop the system

Want to know the real progress of the project? .... Deliver the system incrementally, early and often

Want to accelerate the progress of the project? .... Ask people to frequently reflect on how to improve and support them in removing the obstacles

Want to know if the users will like the product? .... Ask marketing to find alpha/beta users and deliver them a working system iteratively, early and often

Want to know if the market will like the product? .... Ask sale department to try to sell the product even before implementing it

No user will know what's really needed in an innovative software system until after have used it.
No software engineer will fully understand an advanced project's problems until after have developed a solution.
No marketing executive will know the reaction of the market until after the new product has been presented to the market.
No one can stop user needs, technology, market and competitors from changing consistently and continuously.
Nobody know what's really going on in a challenging Software project.....,
it's better to inspect rather then to predict or Expect....
You already have a "successful" as usual software project. Take the risk of getting a _really_ successful software project
We just have one life
Keep it Simple Silly & ...
Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish!

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