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Win+X is your friend in Windows 8

As advanced user I often need to reach areas like Control Panel, Event Viewer or the good old friend Command Prompt and you might imagine how happy I was to discover that using Win+X you have access to a “developer menu” in lower left corner that give you access to OS’ hardcore areas You can also show the menu by pointing the mouse in lower left corner, wait for Start menu to appear then right clicking on it (but Win+X is a lot more faster…) BTW: I took the shot using Win+PrintScreen that now automatically...

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Installing Windows 8 Consumer Preview on Acer Iconia W500

If you’re stuck installing Windows 8 Consumer preview with a “unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing partition…” message when selecting target partition, be sure to select the SSD drive as first boot device into BIOS (mine was the USB stick), this will fix it. Kudos to Gian Maria Ricci for the tip.   Technorati Tags: Win8

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