Another year @AgileTestingDays

Per il secondo anno consecutivo CodicePlastico sarà presenza attiva agli AgileTestingDays.
Quest'anno la sfida si raddoppia: dopo la sessione in pair dello scorso anno, su come configurare da zero un build server, le sessioni saranno due, una mia e una di

Qui di seguito titolo e abstract della mia sessione:

TDD vs BDD: from developers to customers
TDD is a famous agile practice which bases its strength on the possibility to produce simple and emergent design and inspires confidence with our software. BDD merge TDD’s advantages and move focus from developer to customer perspective and business process.
In this practice-talk we’ll compare TDD and BDD and try to mix them using an acceptance test framework like fitnesse to meet customer’s requests and emphasize business processes to model with our software.

e di quella di Ema:

Real World Test Driven Development
Test Driven Development is gaining a lot of appreciation in these years due to it’s relevance in the development of quality software applications. Even if it’s not a real testing practice (it is a design practices) it has the nice side effect that your tests suite become bigger as your software grows giving you immediate feedback about your project quality status.
In this session we will see how to apply TDD in a real application starting from the first tests that add a little functionality. We will see how TDD helps us to keep a clean design and how it give us the rhythm (red-green-refactor) and how to use mock objects and stub to keep test isolated from infrastructural environment.
It is a very practical session with live coding.

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