Rilasciata su Codeplex la preview 4 di ASP.NET Ajax 4.

Queste le novita':

  • ADO.NET Data Services support
  • WCF and ASMX Web service integration
  • ASP.NET AJAX Client Templates
  • Declarative instantiation of client-side controls and behaviors
  • Observable pattern for plain JavaScript objects
  • Live Bindings
  • Markup Extensions
  • DataView control and DataContext component
  • Command Bubbling
  • Change tracking and identity management
  • Support for managing complex links and associations between entities from multiple entity sets or tables
  • Extension methods allowing change tracking and read-write client-server scenarios using other JSON services, including RESTful or JSONP based services

La preview e’ scaricabile su CodePlex qui:

ASP.NET AJAX 4.0 Preview 4

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