Da poco rilasciata per il download la beta 2 dell' Entity Framework e anche i nuovi Entity Framework Tools.

Queste le novita':

  • Events to customize code generation
  • Abstract types in EDM models
  • Complex types
  • <Using> support in metadata files
  • Entity key serialization
  • Increased persistence ignorance in entity data classes
  • Improved connection management in ObjectContext
  • Improved DataBinding usability
  • Metadata annotations
  • Better support for span over LINQ to Entities queries
  • Improvements to LINQ queries: additional canonical functions and automatic mapping from CLR functions to server functions
  • A new event for extensibility of SaveChanges
  • Usability and consistency improvements
  • Polymorphic results from stored procedures

...moltre altre info nel post ufficiale sul blog ADO.NET

Entity Framework Beta 2 Download

Entity Framework Tools CTP Agosto 2007 Download 

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