Come diceva il Makka, i numeri di MySpace fanno impallidire...

Ho appena finito di leggere questo lunghissimo articolo Inside MySpace che spiega dettagliatamente l'evoluzione dell'architettura hardware del portale/sito piu' trafficato su Internet, dalla sua creazione fino al giorno d'oggi, dove supporta 140 milioni di utenti e 38.7 miliardi di views al mese!

Alcuni passaggi notevoli:

"When MySpace reached 9 million accounts, in early 2005, it began deploying new Web software written in Microsoft's C# programming language and running under ASP.NET...[cut]...Almost immediately, MySpace saw that the ASP.NET programs ran much more efficiently, consuming a smaller share of the processor power on each server to perform the same tasks as a comparable ColdFusion program. According to CTO Whitcomb, 150 servers running the new code were able to do the same work that had previously required 246"

Certo che a farlo in ColdFusion....neanche loro si aspettavano tanto successo...

e ancora:

"One problem is that MySpace is pushing Microsoft's Web technologies into territory that only Microsoft itself has begun to explore...[cut]...As of November, MySpace was exceeding the number of simultaneous connections supported by SQL Server, causing the software to crash...[cut]...Last summer, MySpace's Windows 2003 servers shut down unexpectedly on multiple occasions. The culprit turned out to be a built-in feature of the operating system designed to prevent distributed denial of service attacks...[cut]...MySpace is subject to those attacks just like many other top Web sites, but it defends against them at the network level rather than relying on this feature of Windows—which in this case was being triggered by hordes of legitimate connections from MySpace users."

LOL, c'erano talmente tante connessioni che Windows Server 2003 pensava fosse un DDOS

"In addition to CSS, JavaScript, a type of programming code that runs in the user's browser, was originally allowed. But MySpace eventually decided to filter it out because it was exploited to hack the accounts of members who visited a particular profile page.


Leggete tutto l'articolo perche' ne vale la pena.