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Enterprise Library 3.1 presto sui nostri schermi

Come si legge in questo post, è in sviluppo la versione 3.1 della Microsoft Enterprise Library. Si tratta di una versione di manutenzione che risolve alcuni problemi riscontrati con la release precedente. Queste le novità principali:

Policy Injection Application Block
  • The default Remoting Policy Injector can now be replaced with alternative interception mechanisms via configuration without modifying the application block code
  • Call Handler attributes are now honored correctly when placed on interface methods
  • Fixed an issue that could cause duplicate handlers where matching rules matched both a class and its interface
  • Classes implementing COM interfaces (including those deriving from System.Windows.Forms.Form) can now be intercepted
  • TraceLogEntry class is now serializable, allowing it to be used with the MSMQ Trace Listener
Validation Application Block
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the PropertyComparisonValidator from working with the Windows Forms integration adapter
  • The message template for the PropertyComparisonValidator can now be saved using the configuration tools.
Data Access Application Block
  • Connection strings for OLEDB and ODBC connections can now be edited using custom dialog boxes from the configuration tools

Rimando al post originale per maggiori dettagli.

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# Enteprise Library 3.1 disponibile

23/05/2007 16:58 | Around and About .NET World
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