Stamane Fyodor si è svegliato e dopo vari casini.. è riuscito a mandare un messaggio alla mailing list nmap-hackers. Riporto solo alcune parti della mail che di sicuro fa riflettere.

"I woke up yesterday morning to find a voice message from my domain registrar (GoDaddy) saying they were suspending the domain One minute later I received an email saying that has "been suspended for violation of the Abuse Policy". And also "if the domain name(s) listed above are private, your Domains By Proxy(R) account has also been suspended."
WTF??! Neither the email nor voicemail gave a phone number to reach them at, nor did they feel it was worth the effort to explain what the supposed violation was. They changed my domain nameserver to "NS1.SUSPENDED-FOR.SPAM-AND-ABUSE.COM". Cute, eh?


Apparently Myspace is still reeling from all the news reports more than a week ago about a list of 56,000 myspace usernames+passwords making the rounds. It was all over the news, and reminded people of a completely different list of 34,000 MySpace passwords which was floating around last year. MySpace users fall for a LOT of phishing scams. They are basically the new AOL. Anyway, everyone has this latest password list now, and it was even posted (several times) to the thousands of members of the fulldisclosure mailing list more than a week ago. So it was archived by all the sites which archive full-disclosure, including SecLists.Org. Instead of simply writing me (or asking to have the password list removed, MySpace decided to contact (only) GoDaddy and try to have the whole site of 250,000 pages removed because they don't like one of them."

A quanto sembra che GoDaddy, sotto pressione da parte di siano abbiano offuscato perchè uno dei post contenuniti in lista presentava un link da dove scaricare il file contenente tutto lo "scam" di MySpace.

Invece di sistemare il loro applicativo.. sfruttando la loro influenza, hanno deciso d'iniziare a chiudere tutti i siti che riportavano la notizia. Personalmente non gradisco questo genere di comportamenti. E quindi ecco la provocazione..

Ecco la lista che ha fatto chiudere (temporaneamente) SecLists.Org