We are proud to announce the release of X-develop 1.1, our multi-language
IDE supporting the C#, Java, Visual Basic.NET and J# languages as well
as the .NET, Mono and the Java platform on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.
X-develop 1.1 is now available with significant enhancements:

- A GUI designer supporting Windows Forms 1.0 & 2.0, GTK#, Swing and AWT
- Unit test integration supporting NUnit, JUnit and VS Teamsystem
- Code folding
- A new user manual
- Perforce support
- More...

X-develop offers an unprecedented level of productivity for professional
developers: project-wide on-the-fly error analysis, refactorings, fast
code navigation, excellent VCS support, a multi-target GUI designer,
Unit test integration and many other powerful features.

More information and a free 20-days-of-use trial are available
from http://www.omnicore.com

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