Personalmente l'esistenza di Ajax.NET mi sta invogliando a comprare un bet "manualone" e impararmi il javascript in queste vacanze...

Some developers asked me if it is possible to use WebServices (WebMethods) in Ajax.NET. Yes, of course, you can add the AjaxMethod attribute to the method. Ok, you do not want to change the WebService source code? My next release will include the possibility to add a simple JavaScript line in your HTML page to access your web services from the client side.

    <script language="text/javascript" src="demoservice.asmx?AJAX"></script>
  <script language="text/javascript">
   var x = DemoService.ServerAdd(5, 6);

That's all! You can use the web service like every Ajax.NET call you have done before, same syntax.

Fonte: WebServices and Ajax.NET


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